Why MMP?

5 reasons scale modellers and graphic artists love working with Mission Models paints.

1. Water-based & odourless

Non-toxic and odourless means you can use them indoors without overpowering smells.

Yet, they spray and finish like a lacquer.

Contains no powerful solvents or alcohol, so no layer re-wetting. And with proper care and storage they have an indefinite shelf life.

2. Ultra-fine organic pigments

We use premium fine art grade pigments which makes them go on silky smooth.

Because they are ground so fine for incredibly detailed painting they can be used no problem with needle nozzles as fine as .15. Clog-free.

The formulation allows them to blend/mix seamlessly with our other colours. You'll enjoy experimenting.

Each bottle is 'triple pigmented' meaning 3x the pigment loading for incredible coverage. Each 1oz bottle goes further than expected.

3. Easy to use

Although ready to go from the bottle, mixing with Mission Models thinner is a breeze and recommended. In fact, it's so easy to work you there is no precise ratio; do what works for your needs. Try:

30 drops paint // 5 drops thinner

The thinner is a powerful high end reducer so no rigorous mixing required.

Need to use multiple colours on a project? Easy. Clean airbrushes and brushes with water and follow-up with a few drops of Mission Models thinner.

Need a wash? No need to buy pre-made washes. Try this ratio:

30 drops thinner // 2 drops of paint // .5 - 1oz water

4. Polymix

The water-based water-based polyurethane mix additive is optional, but we highly recommend using each time. Why?

Creates a urethane based automotive grade finish that is as tough as nails.

Improves self-levelling and flow from the airbrush.

Promotes adhesion on lexan, polycarbonate, leather and other flexible materials.

Creates a beautiful, smooth eggshell finish.

We recommend the following ratio, but feel free to adjust up or down:

30 drops paint // 5 drops polymix

5. The primers

Available in 7 different colours, Mission Models automotive grade primers are easy to apply for a beautiful smooth working base.

Activated and thinned with Mission Models thinner the primer lays down like a second skin and will not hide any surface details.

When applied properly they deliver a durable finish which can be easily dry (or wet) sanded.

The clear primer is ideal for sealing masking tape or mixing with any other colour to create a custom colour primer.

Our recommended ratio:

30 drops primer // 5 drops thinner

Bonus: Colours

With over 200 colours in the Mission Models paint selection, including historically accurate military colours, rusts, metals, iridescents, pearls, transparents, and stunning chromes there are a feast of colours to choose from. See the full range here.